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     #1 Recommended Extension Device: The Jes-Extender

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If you're looking for a penis extender - you've just  found the ultimate.  The Jes-Extender is the #1 rated extension device available anywhere.


It has been clinically proven that you can safely increase your penis size by 30% or more with this device.  Combine that with an enlargement pill like VigRX Plus Pills and you have a serious recipe for a big cock!


We love this device and recommend it for any man looking for safe and effective penis size enlargement.

   "What Does The JesExtender Do, and How Does it Work?"

JesExtender Homepage picPermanent Penis Enlargement - Harder Erections

Any man who wants a larger penis should at least consider a penis extension device.  This is a simple method of gently, slowly stretching the penis over time.

The JesExtender even provides real independent clinical testing to prove all their claims.  This particular extender has so much to offer, it's simply the best in the world.

Is The Jes Extender Safe?

Absolutely, and Doctor approved.  It's been tested and tried independently, and has full medical support and recognition.

Users will find that their penis can grow about 70mm each month used (over .25 inch)  Of course this is a long-term device - but when combined with penis enlargement pills like VigRX Plus, the results can be huge!


 JesExtender Overview:

JesExtender website

JesExtender Rated Top Penis Extender


JesExtender imageURL -

Overall Rating - 48/50

   -  performance: 30/30

   -  doctor approved: 5/5

   -  customer service: 4/5

   -  bonuses: 4/5

   -  guarantee: 5/5 (2 years/Lifetime)

Price - $249.99 for "Light Edition"

         - $579.99 for "Gold Edition"

Final Thoughts on JesExtender - The JesExtender is setting new standards for the extender device industry. You'll love the available 'comfort strap' this product offers over other extenders' simple noose strap system. To top that off you can even pay for it on a monthly payment plan.


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For men looking for seriously fast penis enlargement, we highly recommend combining a Jes-Extender with VigRX Plus penis enlargement pills.  The result will be much faster enlargement, more virility, and increased libido.  This is a combo that men have reported the biggest, fastest gains with - and we think it's a great idea!

VigRX Plus website

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Review - VigRX Plus Review

Overall Rating - 49/50

   -  performance: 30/30

   -  doctor approved: 5/5

   -  customer service: 5/5

   -  bonuses: 5/5

   -  guarantee: 4/5 (67 days full money back)

Price - $76.99 for 1 month supply

         - $267.99 for 4 months

Final Thoughts on VigRX Plus - VigRX Plus is the industry leader when it comes to penis enlargement. We recommend it above all other products, due to the high success rates reported in our surveys.  VigRX Plus is the #1 choice for men seeking a bigger penis.


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"What Makes The Jes-Extender #1?"

We recommend the JesExtender because of the effectiveness of the unit, the high-quality medical-grade parts they use, the medical and clinical backing, the comfort strap, and the special offers that their company offers. 

We highly recommend the Jes-Extender for permanent penis enlargement - click here to buy the Jes-Extender. 2002-2008