Average Penis Size Facts

     Average Male Penis Size


  "How Big Is The Average Erect Penis?"

Numerous studies and surveys have been conducted to find the average male penis size.  The data that comes back is usually very consistent, especially from the more 'professional' University studies.

The average penis size when erect is just over 6 inches.  The majority of men (ie 60%) fall within a range between 5.5 inches and 7 inches when fully erect.  This data is confirmed from multiple sources and surveys.


  Why Erection Size Matters

                   From a Woman's Point of ViewMeasure your penis with a flexible tape measure

It's important to note that there have been countless studies to show that women do care about penis size.  A bigger penis will sexually fulfill almost any woman.

Women have reported that a large penis can stimulate their G-spot more effectively than a small penis.  Many women also prefer the look and feel of a thicker penis.  And admit it - no woman is ever going to get "wowed" by a 4 or 5 inch erection.

If women are going to to be talking about your erection size, you don't want it to be for the wrong reasons.


  Average Penis Size - Graph & Chart

Typical Penis Survey Results:


This graph and chart (below) show percentages of men who possess each particular penis size.



Average Male Penis Size Graph


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Penis Size Percentage of Men
smaller than 4" 1.9%
4"-4.5" 2.8%
4.5"-5" 6.4%
5"-5.5" 10.4%
5.5"-6" 13.7%
6"-6.5" 20.5%
6.5"-7" 15.2%
7"-7.5" 10.5%
7.5"-8" 7.0%
8"-8.5" 6.1%
8.5"-9" 3.4%
9" and larger 2.1%


This particular survey came from a study of 3000 males aged 18-55.  As you can see, the majority of men fall into the middle categories between 5.5"-7" when fully erect.  The measurement technique is a standard from base to tip, measured from the top (NOT from the bottom side of the penis - the top is always the most consistent method).

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"How Do I Measure My Penis Size?"

How To Properly Measure Yourself

How to measure your penis size imageIt's quite easy to measure your own penis size, but you should remember to be consistent how you do it.  That's why measuring length from the top side of the shaft is important when you're measuring your penis length.

You'll need a soft ruler, or even better is a soft tape measure.  The flexible kind used for clothing/sewing are great, and can be picked up for cheap from most sewing stores.

To measure your penis length, make sure you're 100% erect and then place the end of the tape measure at the base of your erection, where it connects with your body.  Measure out to the very tip, and there you have it!  To measure your girth, hold one end of the tape measure at the thickest part of your penis, and wrap the tape measure around until it overlaps.  Take your measurement from where the overlap takes place.

There you go, you have your penis size measurements.  Don't forget to write your measurements down to track your progress!**

** In the very near future we will be adding an easy-to-use downloadable chart for you to track your own penis size for enlargement purposes.  You will be able to see how much your penis has grown, as well as where your penis relates to the average male size.  Check back soon for your free penis size chart! 2002-2008